Difference between biodegradable and recycled plastics

This is a question that reach us a lot by our customers, for several years we have been working with biodegradable plastics and lately with Biodegradable-Recyclables. The difference, although they may sound similar, is very big.

Recyclable Safety Bags: these are the bags that after use can be recycled and used again in bags or any item that contains plastic. Here begins the most fundamental aspect of sustainability and care for the environment, since if we recycle plastic bags, we close the cycle of this plastic, contributing to sustainability and the environment.

Biodegradable safety bags: They are characterized by degradation in a certain time as long as they are in suitable conditions of humidity, heat and temperature.

Biodegradable-Recyclable Safety Bags: These are the bags that can be recycled or biodegraded, either of the two is possible to do so, since these bags contain additives that, being in contact with plastics, increases the ability of these to biodegrade and decompose by processes a little slower than biodegradable safety bags. Later we will have more news about these products and their use in this blog.

In our product catalog you can see that the messenger bags that are biodegradable, the safety bags that are recyclable and the compostable bags that deserve a special chapter that later we will talk about them.


We hope this information will be of great interest to you as well as to us, the idea with this blog is to communicate and share ideas and products so that we can live with plastic and put it to the best use.