Cash Transmittal Bags


  • This bag comes in 500 bags per package.
  • These bags are designed for money management between chain store tellers and supervisors, thus avoiding the loss of money.
  • These bags are the only ones on the market that come with a sequential barcode for better control, also helping to avoid loss of money.
  • Our bags are made with high quality materials and with boxes suitable for writing with pens or markers.
  • Our bags are being used by banks, drug stores, general stores, embassies, etc. Anyone who has the use of cash in their operation should use our bags as it helps them avoid losses.
  • 100% Recyclable guarantee. LDPE.
  • Need 100+?
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Our Cash Transmittal Bags will prevent the disappearance of cash between cashiers and supervisory personnel.

A write-able form on the front of the bag allows the user to write the total of coins, checks, currency, and credit card receipts. Also, a big space is allocated on the form for the cashier’s name, register number, date, and signature.

Our bags have the legends printed in English and Spanish for the Latin American community.

The high strength permanent adhesive on the lip guarantees that the contents remain protected.

The bags are made of a clear film LDPE recyclable, also our bags are the only ones on the market numbered with sequential bar code for more security and traceability. This bag comes in 500 bags per package.

Weight3.96 lbs
Dimensions6.70 × 12.20 × 2.4 in

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